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  • Thera-Band Exercise Station
  • Thera-Band Exercise Station

Thera-Band Exercise Station

by Hygenic



  • Station includes a molded, high impact polyethylene platform with 6 connection points for the resistance tubing, 2 each of Thera-Band® Tubing in red, green and blue level resistance cut to 12", 18" and 24" for a total of 18 tubing connectors, 3' Padded Bar, 2 Thera-Band® Exercise Handles, 2 Thera-Band® Assist Straps and an Instruction Guide.
  • All tubing is provided complete with snap connectors at both ends for easy connection to accessories or platform pins.
  • Thera-Band® Exercise Station is a platform that acts as a connection and integration for various popular rehab and fitness devices, including exercise/fitness balls, elastic resistance tubing and bands, stability trainer pads, rocker bands, and wobble boards.
  • Item Number 045165