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  • Human Spine Disorders
  • Human Spine Disorders

Human Spine Disorders

by Wolters Kluwer Health



  • Designed to function as reference material to help increase your knowledge about human anatomy, physiological principles and important pathological conditions.
  • Medical terminology and updated supporting text are printed directly on each chart so you never have to refer to a separate key card or manual.
  • Poster size: 20"x 26"
  • Mounted on styrene plastic with metal eyelets in corners.
  • Latex-free, UV coated.
  • Chart diagrams the Spinal Column (Lateral Aspect); A Typical Vertebra - Superior Aspetct (2x Life Size); Structural Features of an Intervertebral Disk; Function of Intervertebral Disks; Spinal Nerve Irritation Due to Exostosis (Bone Overgrowth); A Herniat
  • Human Spine Disorders
  • Item Number 026588