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  • Hip Kits

Hip Kits

by Kinsman



  • The Basic Hip Kit includes sock aid w/foam handles, 2 pair each of black and white elastic shoe laces, 32" helping hand reacher, 27" dressing stick, 24" stainless steel shoehorn and a long handle bath sponge.
  • The Econo Hip Kit includes 27" helping hand reacher, sock aid w/foam handles, 27" dressing stick, 16 1/4" plastic shoehorn and a long handle bath sponge.
  • Includes Sock Aid with foam handles, 27" Reacher, 27" Dressing Stick, 16" Plasic shoehorn, Long handled bath sponge
  • Econo Hip Kit
  • Basic hip kit offers the most recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip surgery.
  • Item Number 050931