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  • Exerband Portable Home Gym
  • Exerband Portable Home Gym

Exerband Portable Home Gym

by Prepak Products



  • Provides all the versatility of the Web-Slide Exercise Rail System in an easy to use portable, home exercise station.
  • Exercise devices and accessories are lightweight and compact allowing exercise anywhere, anytime.
  • Includes 5 pieces pre-cut tubing, 4 EzChange Handles, anchor strap, assisted stretching device. Around the door web strap, fitness bar, posters and instruction booklet.
  • Exerband Portable Home Gym
  • The Home Gym's around the door web strap with its 15 easy anchor loops assures that exercises learned in the clinic can be simply and faithfully replicated in home or office settings.
  • Item Number 023664